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Boost Your Biz with a Custom Sandwich Board

Forget sinking your budget into flashy digital ads that vanish into the online abyss. If you're looking for a down-to-earth, high-impact way to make your business stand out, it's time to revisit a tried-and-true classic:  custom sandwich board. These eye-catching sidewalk signs offer a surprisingly powerful punch, attracting attention and drawing in new customers.

Think of your sandwich board as your storefront's friendly greeter. With bold graphics, snappy messaging, and strategic placement, a well-designed sandwich board entices passersby to take a closer look. They're incredibly versatile, perfect for promoting daily specials, upcoming events, or simply showcasing your brand's personality.

Best of all, sandwich boards are budget-friendly and customizable. From eye-popping colors to clever slogans, your sandwich board becomes a reflection of your business's unique identity. Ready to level up your sidewalk presence? Let's explore why sandwich boards are a must-have marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

real estate sandwich board

What Exactly is a Sandwich Board?

Custom sandwich boards (sometimes called A-frames) are portable, double-sided signs. You've definitely seen them around!

  • Classic Look: Usually made of wood or metal, with a chalkboard or whiteboard in the middle.
  • Easy to Change: Great for updating messages – think specials, events, or fun quotes.
  • Eye-Catching: Draws attention like nobody's business, even in busy places. Get those eyes on your shop!

Custom a frame signage

Why Custom Sandwich Boards are Awesome for Small Businesses

Think a sandwich board is just for old-timey stores? Think again! Here's why they're perfect for boosting your business:

  • Grab Foot Traffic: People walking by are naturally curious about these signs. It's an invitation for potential customers to discover your business!
  • Super Affordable: Sandwich boards are a low-cost marketing investment that packs a big bang for your buck.
  • Build Hype: Promote sales, limited-time offers, events, or even just fun trivia to bring people through your door.
  • Show Personality: Your sign is an extension of your brand. Be cheeky, artistic, or super sleek - let your sign do the talking!
  • Flexible: Sandwich boards work their magic indoors and outdoors, and they're a cinch to store when not in use.

Perfect for These Kinds of Businesses

Almost any business can benefit from sandwich boards, but they're extra amazing for:

  • Festival vendors: Stand out in the crowd! Direct people to your awesome booth.
  • Food trucks: Let hungry onlookers know your deliciousness is parked nearby, and give them a sneak peek at your mouthwatering menu.
  • Popup Shops: Capture those impulse buyers, especially when you're only setting up shop for a limited amount of time.
  • Barbers, bakeries, breweries: Entice those neighborhood regulars and passersby with a tempting offer they can't resist.
  • Art Installations: Provide context and directions for your artwork, guiding potential admirers right to your masterpiece.

Custom sandwich board

Tips for a Winning Custom Sandwich Board

Ready to make your sign shine? Here's the good stuff:

  • Keep It Simple: Short, snappy messages work best. Think of it like a tweet!
  • Big, Bold Text: Easy to read from a distance is key. Large fonts get noticed.
  • Ditch the Walls of Text: People won't stop for a novel – go for clear and punchy phrases.
  • Have Fun!: Let your personality shine. Be wacky, be creative, be YOU!
  • Change It Up: A fresh message makes people pay attention, even if they walk by daily.
  • Use Custom Signage: Want your brand shining on your sign? Stickers for Days has got you covered!

Examples: How Businesses ROCK Sandwich Boards

Need inspo? Let's see how real businesses use sandwich boards for maximum impact:

  • Bakery: "Fresh croissants inside! (While they last)"
  • Food Truck: "Taco Tuesday: Best deal in town. See for yourself!"
  • Barber: "$5 off haircuts today only! Walk-ins welcome"
  • Brewery: "Live music starts at 6pm. Grab a cold one!"
  • Popup Shop: "Handmade jewelry – here for one week only!"
  • Festival Vendor: "Get your festival merch HERE! Unique designs to stand out."

Your Custom Sandwich Board, Your Brand: Enter Stickers for Days!

A plain sandwich board is cool, but want really eye-catching signage? That's where Stickers for Days comes in! 

Here's why we're the bomb:

  • Durable: Our stickers withstand weather, so your sign looks fantastic in any season.
  • Your Vision: We make stickers in any shape, size, or color. Match your brand perfectly!
  • Easy Peasy: Just peel and stick – revamp your sandwich board in minutes.

Ditch the overpriced ads and complicated online marketing! A classic sandwich board offers a refreshingly simple way to make an impact. This timeless tool works tirelessly to snag the attention of potential customers passing by your storefront.

Imagine your custom sandwich board boasting vibrant colors and a catchy message. With a dash of creativity and expert design from Stickers for Days, your business will become the buzz of the sidewalk. Ready to boost your visibility and attract new customers? Click here to unleash the power of a custom sandwich board with Stickers for Days!

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